Time To Spacetravel

Saturday February 9th Red Ruby welcomes SPACETRAVEL from the infamous Perlon Label..

Spacetravel stands out for his picturesque blend of esoterically crafted noises, all of which are arranged in complex, fast-paced compositions where vivid acoustic textures, human feel and risk harmonically merge.

In 2016, Spacetravel released his debut full-length via Perlon. EntitledDancing Therapy, the release quickly became another sought-after gem in the label’s extensive back catalogue. Touching on a range of topics, moods and sounds. 2018 has proved another significant year for the Spacetravel, as he returned to Melliflow courtesy of his second LP, the equally enticing Ziusudra.

Just as revered a DJ as he is a producer, Spacetravel’s intricate DJ style has led him to some of the world’s foremost nightspots, including Panorama Bar and Club der Visionaere in Berlin, Robert Johnson in Frankfurt, Concrete in Paris and Arma 17 in Moscow. Futuristic, intelligent electronic musicthat touches your mind and your soul, Spacetravel truly is a talent bound for the stratosphere

Manu – L
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