Our Technology


Loud Professional is a young company with a proven experience in professional sound reinforcement systems. This experience was developed throughout the last few years, during which our constant effort has allowed us to pursue a fast and constant  evolution with particular attention to the demanding requests of a variable market. This particular attention has been our guideline for the creation of single products who could be capable of individuating all the possible applications with well calibrated and very satisfying solutions.

The know-how achieved through intensive R&D and the use of the latest technology allowed us to design and create extremely innovative professional sound amplifiers while reaching a fundamental goal: the most accurate and complete reproduction of sound that can convey important auditory sensations and strong emotions.
A sensational sound impact offers  a revolutionary experience, an extended frequency reproduction reaches deeper in the sound spectrum, a high intelligibility of the sound that becomes crisper and clearer.

The designing process,  supervised by a team of specialized professionals using edge-cutting technologies and the most sophisticated systems for simulation and measurement, makes it possible for us to come out with high performance products with a minimum margin for error.
The complex structure of the cabinet, made possible by the most advanced numerical control machines (CNC) for the construction, and the highest care in the final assembly, delivers impeccable products.

The latest  generation of professional transducers, combined with excellent quality and features, products that are engineered and manufactured with high tech materials such as Carbon, Titanium, Aluminum on the Neodymium and many others, can guarantee to reach maximum levels of stress that are out of the ordinary. All this is synonymous of strength, reliability and high efficiency.

The Durability, as a result of strong building criteria and fully respecting a strict qualitative standard, can be considered one of the strengths of Loud Professional products. The construction of birch cabinets, the scratch resistant, anti-abrasion and anti-weathering Poly-urea coating and all other accessories will ensure top performances when time and conditions are not always optimal, as well.

The versatility, resulted from an ongoing study, and a strong sensitivity towards the fundamental problems of the user, favors the creation of unique products.
This allows us to reach more easily and with great success a heterogenic public which is more and more sensitive to the fluctuating market orientation, thus trying to satisfy tomorrow’s necessities. Wide open spaces, Stadiums and Sports Centers, Congress Centers, Concert Halls, Theaters, medium-large Discos, Clubs, general restoration and recreation areas, commercial activities: these are some of the possible destinations in which our systems could be efficiently employed.

The unique design, the stylish look, the simple and elegant lines, the contrasting colors of the box with its special “Black ‘n White”  features, make Loud Professional products extremely interesting even in the permanent installations where the appearance, essential factor, perfectly embraces the philosophy of sound which deeply influences our company when it comes to search and care for detail. Details do make the difference!

Our partnership with Lab Gruppen and Dolby Lake, two leading companies in professional Sound Reinforcement and Loudspeaker Management systems, has enabled us to explicate the main features of our systems and exploit their full potential.
The last edition of the “Prolight+Sound” 2011 in Frankfurt marked the official cooperation between our company and one of the world’s most representative brands, making us proud of such an important collaboration. In particular, the FP+ and PLM series offer a variety of products that we are very  fond of and that we strongly suggest to the pubblic and the professionals in the field.